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Hello admin. - hys999 - 2023-03-18

I would like to suggest one to you.
Recently, virtual cloud computers have been used a lot.
So if you are like me
Proper multi-socket communication requires activex.

1) Similar to irc chat, but simple (1:n) socket or chat
If a component is possible, please make a commercial product.

2) The main server runs on Linux (Sentos).
Alternatively, a specific computer acts as a server.
3) I tell the users who access through it
I want to quickly pass various commands.
Commands such as shutting down or rebooting the computer...
4) Private IP knows that 1:n is difficult.
5) So, put the server in the idc center and run it
I want to send real-time commands to clients who access it.
If possible, please consider it when you create your next piece.

RE: Hello admin. - wila - 2023-03-19


Thank you for the trust and the idea.

I doubt that there's time for me to build a control like that on a short notice.