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Full Version: Deleting Backups - Source does not exist.
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Bit of a problem.

I can't delete backups where the target no longer exists.
I have changed NAS and the target in the list does not exist anymore.

I can go to the screen and select delete but the entries are not deleted.

Can anyone give me a pointer on how to clear these duff entries ?

Welcome at the Vimalin forum.

I don't think at this moment there's an easy way to do so.
Sorry, it's past mid night here now, so no time to dive into testing this.

The only way that I am aware to clean it out is by uninstalling with the option "delete database" and then re-installing.
It's a bit of a sledge hammer approach. It does not remove your existing backups though and you can import those so they show up again in your database.
But it isn't a very user friendly approach. I have opened a ticket for this to look into it.

Thanks very much for the response. It does seem to be something that is missing. So would be good to be the the product proper. In the meantime I will try the nuclear option.