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Full Version: VB6: NavigateWithWebResourceRequest method without headers
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I try to use NavigateWithWebResourceRequest method and add my own headers but without success.

My code is:

EdgeWebBrowser.NavigateWithWebResourceRequest "", "GET", "", "Referer:" & vbCrLf & "Dnt: 1"

None of the headers are added.
I use private version of Antview

Am I doing something wrong or are the headers not yet supported?

The documentation from MS on this is conflicting.
One part says "add your own headers" and if you then click down on the "request data type", it only has a "get" interface for the headers.
From reading at the Microsoft WebView2 github issues page it seems that it should work for "GET" and possibly not for "POST".

In my source this is marked as "ToDo".

IOW, you are certainly not doing something wrong.

This is on my list to look into.
(2022-04-21, 09:38:01)wila Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

In my source this is marked as "ToDo".

Hi Wil

Do you know the date when you will add headers support in the GET method?
This functionality would be very useful in one of my projects

Best regards
No timeline yet I'm afraid.
I have a item open for it, but am still busy with the beta.
Bumped into something unexpected as it happens every now and then.

This has been resolved and will be available in the next update.